Social Media Marketing – SMM / Optimization

Social Media Marketing – SMM/ Optimization

If anyone doubts the necessity of Social Media Marketing – SMM/Optimization, they should consider the impact a million users can create. Whole political campaigns are upturned, brands become cults, and a ‘nobody’ becomes an idol. All with the power of ‘word-of-mouth’. And all online. This is the power of Social Media Optimization Services. Blogs, social and professional networks, forums, online communities, video and photo-sharing websites are a platform for you to make yourself heard. We at Novell International help to create positive brand image and combat any negative opinions on the Internet through the Social Media Marketing Services.


Recognizing the potential of Social Media Marketing – SMM as an online marketing tool, we at Novell International, top SEO company in India, have acquired the expertise in formulating and implementing Social Media Marketing/ Optimization (SMM) strategies for your business. As part of the Social Media Marketing Services we offer, our team of professionals makes an impact for you by creating and managing blogs, sharing RSS feeds, commenting on forums, tweeting, incorporating Flickr photo slides and YouTube videos in to popular online communities.

The entire Social Media Optimization campaign is closely monitored to help it reach its optimum potential and to help it remain within ethical boundaries. With these measures, we ensure that your brand is uniquely positioned in terms of accessibility and customer friendliness.

Social Likes are the most common action after seeing a Social ad.

Advertising hasn’t been linear for a long time but with Social Media Marketing/ Optimization, word-of-mouth has taken on an entirely new meaning. A whopping 70% of all people using Social Media are listening closely to what their friends and connections are talking about online. Our consumers have changed the way they communicate with us and with each other. You can’t afford to be left behind. Source: The Nielsen Report.

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