Event Management

event-managementNovell International – Event Planners

We are specialists in providing innovative, creative, custom made solutions to its customers according to their unique requirements. We listen to the wishes and concerns of every client and through many conversations we make each project the clear embodiment of the dreams.

We utilize a wide range of professionals including designers, marketing agents, public relations specialists and other experts to plan corporate events, conferences, dealer meets, the rocking parties and events in and out of town. We are always inquisitive and interested to do the following events & activities: Live Concerts, Events & Conferences, Corporate Events, Product Launch, Road Shows, Product/Brand Promotion, Wedding & Theme Parties, Cultural Events, Artist Management, Creative Management and Fundraising Events.

GalaDinnerThe planning process is vital to the success of any event. Novell Internatioal – Event Planners breaks every event planning and delivery into 3 steps: Concept Development, Planning Tools & Turning your vision into reality. Once the event planning process is complete there is a solid foundation in place and the event delivery and management stages of the project can commence afterwards. A good plan is like a road map; it shows the final destination and the best way to get there!

On the basis of drafts and blueprints, we bring together our specialists to give life to concepts: recommendation of materials, research and recommendation of technical solutions for production, assembly, dismantling and maintenance. This vital versatility is a necessity in terms of the diversity of issues presented…

We plan and execute corporate events with which we turn your marketing objectives into creative events which enhances your brand’s visibility. Using structured project management techniques; Novell International – Event Planners deliver the commitments on time and within budget.