SEO is common sense usage tools for Search Engine Optimization. This helps us in getting top position in most of the key search engines and helps us hold top positions in search engines. Search engine optimization SEO is driven by various factors including the volatile nature of search engine algorithms, social influence, local search relevancies, natural text links etc.. That is why SEO is competitive and it has many faces.

We understand the urgency of solving structural issues, coding issues, subjects, content, text links and social circles to create a winning SEO strategy that has measurable results.

Allow your business to find more buyers searching online.

  • Expand your reach and increase your visibility, allow your customers to find you.

  • Improve your brand visibility and consolidate your credibility online.

  • Get more traffic and legitimate clicks on your online presence.

  • Targeting free or natural search engine positions.

Our talented SEO team can help

Our passionate consultants are skilled and experience. We’ve successfully created and deployed winning SEO Strategies for many prominent brands of every size at national and international level. You can trust us as we believe in establishing long-term business relationships with our clients, based on successful SEO strategies.

We have expertise in managing small budgets for start-ups and big spending accounts for large enterprises.


  • Call Tracking for better retention and acquisition

  • URL Tagging

  • Integration of CRM Integration with website automation tool

  • Audience Targeting on the basis of their geographic location.

  • socio-economic status and

  • behavioral patterns

  • Keyword Mapping

  • Dynamic Search Ads (for more clicks and conversions)

SEO Tonic the focused digital web marketing agency Novell International provides progressive and integrated search engine optimization solutions and services:                                

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